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Moonhack 2022 Projects

6 brand new projects have been created for this year’s Moonhack.  Each project has been designed to highlight an aspect of how satellites, both natural and man made, are used in everyday life.

To help build excitement for this year’s challenge we have some posters, logos and social posts for you to use in this folder.

Each week we release a blog post for one of the projects that will share information about the origin of the project, how it fits in with the UNs Sustainability Development Goals and provide alignment to the Australian Curriculum for teachers.

As we approach the Moonhack launch date of October 10th, we will be adding translations of the projects to our website.  We have an amazing team of volunteers working on these to help us share these projects globally.

Stop the Fires!

Create a clicker style game.  Click on each fire to put it out.  Can you put out each round of fires to save Earth?

Tagai Constellation

Join the students of Tagai College to create an animation about the Tagai Constellation.

Satellites in Space

Use the pen tool to navigate the satellite through a random group of stars back to Earth, in the quickest time possible.

What Will I Wear?

Create an animation about a satellite being launched into space to track weather, and how this is used by people on Earth.


This project, a collaboration with Dr Brad Tucker, creates a program to print data about daylight to inform sustainable use of lights.

Save the Trees

Using the multi screen with MakeCode, create a tree alarm that can detect falling trees in a rainforest.  This project can be completed with or without physical Micro:Bits.


2016 Scratch (starter code here)
2016 Python (starter code here)

All Scratch projects for Moonhack before 2019 are written for Scratch 2.

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