Project showcase

A selection of submitted projects from 2023

Watch this space for some out-of-this-world projects from 2023!

Check out this Space Junk project by a coder from Australia

A great Space Shoe project with some unique innovations

How good is this Protect the Planet game? It even tracks the high score. Can you beat the Moonhack Commander’s high score?

A design app has been created with the ability to draw on the shoe!

This game let’s you make a shoe, and after 60 seconds, has another game and information!

Innovative changes in this project. Design your own cursor and check out how each star moves differently!

A fun clicker style game from a coder in India

An adventure story where you are the main character!

So much fun playing this game!

Some coders from Greece have become creative with their Space Junk projects.  Click the links through to their work.

A Space Junk project

Space Junk (

A coder from Japan created this Guess the Invention game